Wild Boar Ribs in Red Wine with Tomatoes is one of the meals that the player has to serve in Rusty Lake Hotel, to be dinner for the Hotel's guests.

Rusty Lake Hotel Rusty Lake HotelEdit

The ingredients for this dinner are Mr. Boar’s ribs, red wine, and tomatoes, but only the boar meat is required. The player must give all the ingredients to Mr. Toad for him to cook, before serving it to the other guests.

Ingredients IngredientsEdit

Boar RibsEdit

The boar ribs are found by killing Mr. Boar in Room 2. The player must kill him with the decorative axe hanging in his room.

Red WineEdit

The red wine is found in the lobby of the Hotel during all days, but is only obtainable following the death of Ms. Pheasant. This means that for 100% completion, Mr. Boar must be killed after Ms. Pheasant. If Mr. Boar is killed before her, the wine is still obtainable, but with the message that it can no longer be used.


The tomatoes are found in Mr. Boars room, and are fished out of his toilet after it overflows. In order for this to happen, the player must send him to the toilet twice while in his room.

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