Today, on 25th April in 2015, Rusty Lake launched their first game Cube Escape: The Lake. One year later, they have developed 8 free games and a premium game. They manage to catch the eye of many fans because of the style and mysterious storyline of their games. I am positive they will continue this amazing series and attract even more people in the future.

Apparently this wiki has not gone unnoticed by the developers as expressed in a post on the Rusty Lake Blog. Let us keep building it with quality content so this could become the fan base for Rusty Lake and Cube Escape.

Happy 1 year anniversary Rusty Lake!

Notes: Feel free to leave a message. A while back i edited this (second pic below), it is not my call to use it, i'll just put it here.

Birthday cake

Birthday cake

CE wiki logo maybe

Logo maybe?

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