In The Lake, the soul is warded back into the lake, but not defeated.

In Arles, the corrupted soul, which may be Vincent Van Gogh, is defeated, possibly showing RL's version of Gogh's suicide.

In Harvey's box, it is unsure if Mrs. Pigeon's soul is warded off or defeated.

In Case 23, Mr. Deer's soul is escaped from, yet not killed or warded off.

In The Mill, The Woman's soul leaves back into the lake, seeing that it is the same year you are simply seeing the Woman's Corrupted soul that left.

In RLHotel, All the Corrupted Souls are formed from the dead hotel guests.

In Birthday, Mr. Rabbit is seen to be defeated. 

In Theatre, Dale escapes from Bob's Soul, yet not killed or warded off.

In RLRoots, William dies, corrupts, and is reborn.

In The Cave, Dale, again, escapes The Woman's soul.

Dale always seems to run away from the souls, striking peace, except in the case where he kills his family. Then he strikes vengeance.

Mr. Crow seems to guide the corrupted souls to uncorrupt them, as seen in Seasons, The Mill, and RLRoots.

The Woman seems to like fending off corrupted souls, like in The Lake and Seasons. 

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