• Jand Master

    Bye Y'all

    April 13, 2017 by Jand Master

    So... this is Jand, and I've been banned from the wiki because of some pretty nonsensicle things I have said. To be fair, I have been banned for a very legitemite reason. My account will remain inactive until the ban is lifted, which will probably never happen.

    I'm saying goodbye to all you folks that made this wiki such a great place.

    I'll probably be that one guy from here that barely anybody will remember. So, I guess it's ok to go on with your day once you read this.

    --To Dragonlover, thanks for making edits to make this wiki for all the grammar and spelling, and all the new item pages.

    --To PirateJet, thanks for doing a whole lot of heavy lifting.

    Welp. Looks like I'm gone for now.

    See you once I'm back... maybe in a month. Maybe in a year.…

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