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    Minor observations

    September 14, 2016 by Handel2blue

    So, in Cube Escape: Theatre, we go into Bob's brain and pull out white cubes, extracting his memories in the process. One of the memories is of a tree where, after wiping away window fog or something, you find a heart shaped carving containing the letter V. This has one use in the game as representing the number 5, but I suspect it has another meaning as well. White cubes are good memories, and if he's having good memories of it, I'm guessing that what he's actually remembering is carving the letter V into the tree, like couples might do. So I'm guessing that the Young Woman's real name actually begins with a V.  


    Additionals, since white cubes are good memories, his white cube memories are the tree where he carved his girlfriend's initia…

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  • Handel2blue

    The Cube Escape games do not take place in chronological order, with some involving travel to previous years within their own direct timeline. This page contains an approximate timeline for known events in the series, including the premium games Rusty Lake Hotel and Rusty Lake: Roots. Please note that this timeline contains some speculation and is subject to change as new games are released.

    Spoilers for all games are unmarked. If you wish to remain unspoiled, do not read further if you have not played every game in the series.

    • 1848: June - Paul Gauguin is born in France.
    • 1853: March - Vincent van Gogh is born in the Netherlands.
    • 1859: Spring - Aldous and William Vanderboom reach the last stage of finding the Elixir of Life. Possibly at this ti…

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