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    In The Cave, we saw Mr. Crow give Dale Vandermeer a golden cube, which, from what we've seen, is connected to the future and the full Elixir. I guess the stuff made by James in Roots and by Mr. Crow in The Cave was a partial extract, not as potent as the full thing (which explains why James died but didn't become a Corrupted Soul, and why the Dog stayed a dog and just became immortal).

    Anyway, something is definitely happening to Dale. From what I've seen, I think that maybe he's ascending to a higher existence. In Theatre, Mr. Owl said in that game that his mind is reaching a higher state of consciousness. Also, the sixth play is associated with the god realm, which is referred to by this picture. If you look closely at the right side of this pi…

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    March 25, 2017 by DragonLover2543

    As the developers said in their introduction, each game both answers and raises questions, and The Cave does exactly that. I put some of the more prominent questions together here to help me organize:

    Questions Answered

    Q: Who was the masked man from Theatre?
    A: That was Mr. Owl's human form.

    Q: What is the Woman's name?
    A: Laura Vanderboom.

    Q: Is she the reincarnation of William?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Is she Rose's daughter?
    A: Yes.

    Q: How exactly did she die?
    A: It was suicide. She cut her own throat with the Knife.

    New Questions Raised

    Q: What's the purpose of a golden cube?

    Q: If Mr. Crow and Mr. Owl are already immortal, how come they still need the Elixir?

    Q: How are they able to switch between their animal and human forms?

    Q: Why, and when, did the Woman leave R…

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    In Roots, there's the chapter "Fertility", in which you have to create four different types of hybrid flowers. I did a bit of extra searching, and found that there are in fact, 7 possible hybrids that can be created by pollinating the white pot 3 times (and 3 hybrids for pollinating it 2 times). Here's a diagram I created:

    And here are pictures of the 3 other hybrids:

    Please tell me if I missed anything. Thanks!

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    Meaningful Names

    February 24, 2017 by DragonLover2543

    Hey, did anyone notice how meaningful some of the Vanderbooms' names are? I looked up their meanings and made some interesting discoveries.

    Here are a few examples of meaningful names:

    • James: Means "supplanter" or "replacement". He takes over the family house after William's death and Aldous's transformation, and eventually follows in their footsteps as an alchemist.
    • Leonard: Means "like a lion" or "lion-bold". He goes off to fight in WWI, and returns alive, albeit missing a leg from the knee-down and traumatized.
    • Rose: Means "rose". However, there is the French name Roselin (which, strangely, is male), which means "red-haired". She has inherited her mother's hair.

    Other names, however, are downright ironic:

    • Emma: Means "whole" or "complete". She …

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