• Bebongchoi

    Well, I suppose everyone must have noticed this by now :)

    The Room we have in Cube Escape: Seasons, particularly in Winter 1981, bears much resemblance to this so-called white chamber at the bottom of Rusty Lake in Cube Escape: The Cave here...

    Any thoughts? :)

    (It's gonna be interesting ^^)

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  • Bebongchoi

    • Travel to the coordinations of Rusty Lake Hotel (location) on the map (X: 6;Y: 3; Depth: 00).
    • Get to the periscope. Focus.
    • Try to remember or write the coordinations down :v 
    • Get there.
    • Move to the wall with the window by the stove(is it?)
    • Focus on the window. Observe and comment about the fish :))

    • Set your trip to the coordinations of The Chapel
    • Again, the periscope straight ahead.
    • Know what to do with the writting written in red ink? (It's blood... There will be blood :P)
    • Get there.
    • Focus on the same window again. Now you will admire a beautiful pair of legs.. (Such a masterpiece of nature :v) and don't forget to observe.

    • Things are just the same :)
    • Oh holy bird sh*t of dear lord Harvey!! This guy was in the trailer!! Let's observe and be freightene…

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