The Elevator is a minor location that has appeared in several games in the Cube Escape series.

Case 23 Cube Escape: Case 23Edit

In the fourth and last stage of the game, there is an elevator hidden inside the Cabin. The player must hurry to uncover and activate it, as a Corrupted Soul with antlers will attack if they are too slow. The game ends with Dale descending into the depths of Rusty Lake in the elevator.

Rusty Lake Hotel Rusty Lake HotelEdit

There is an elevator in the lobby of the Rusty Lake Hotel that is operated by Mr. Bat. To move between floors, the player has to take this elevator. At the end of the game, Dale is seen inside an elevator as he rides it upwards in the Forest.

Birthday Cube Escape: BirthdayEdit

In the beginning of the game, Dale is riding the elevator up in the Forest. The elevator door opens, and cubes fall outside. One stops, and takes Dale to a childhood memory in 1939. At the end of the game, after the black cube has turned white due to Dale's actions, he gets back into the elevator and continues his journey.

Theatre Cube Escape: TheatreEdit

After the sixth play, "The Mill", is completed, and the man on the stage finishes explaining Bob's condition, he tells the player to continue their journey, and the elevator slides onto the stage. The player enters it, and Bob's Corrupted Soul leaves the Theatre's bathroom to watch as Dale continues to ride the elevator up.

Icon512 Cube Escape: The CaveEdit

At the end of the game, the player enters a large white cube in the depths of the Forest. One of the walls features the elevator. After Dale is given a golden cube, he reenters the elevator and continues his journey.

Trivia TriviaEdit

  • The elevator that appears in Cube Escape: Case 23 is different from the one that appears in later games. This is an upgrade made by the developers.

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