The Cow is a minor character that lives in the Mill.

The Mill Cube Escape: The MillEdit

In 1972, the animal is found on the top floor. As the Old Woman wants warm milk to knit an item for the player, the cow must be milked, but first it has to be fed.

There is a flower pot with a single blade of grass on the top floor, which can be fertilized with Harvey's poop and watered from the pot downstairs. After being fed and placing the pot below its udders, the cow can now be milked. The four teats have symbols on them, which must be pulled in the right order for milk to come out.

When the Woman's memories are used to create a black cube, her body becomes corrupted. Once the black cube is placed in the Lake, her Corrupted Soul goes free, and kills the Cow.

Trivia TriviaEdit

  • Its death, beheading, is similar to the deer at the Cabin in Cube Escape: Case 23.
  • The Cow appears in Rusty Lake: Roots, seen through the telescope in 1891. It stands grazing in the field outside of the Mill.

Gallery GalleryEdit

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