The Rusty Lake Series is a mystery point-and-click series available in IOS, Android, and web. Currently there are 12 games released within the Rusty Lake Universe.

Welcome to Rusty Lake:

Where dark creatures live under the tranquil water surface.
Where you can hear voices in the trees.
Where ancient artifacts are waiting to be found.
Where the paintings come alive.
Where nothing is forgotten.
Where the birds lay black eggs.

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  • discussion page Talk:Gem
    new comment by A FANDOM user 2 days ago
    Comment: We should definitely mention the link of the green gem and the white cube and positive memories somewhere here in the wiki
  • discussion page Talk:Bob
    new comment by Kokoros 3 days ago
    Comment: im pretty sure that he is Lauras murder. Or why else would his black cube show us how her throat was slit
  • discussion page Talk:Prozac
    new comment by A FANDOM user 3 days ago
    Comment: no, in Club Escape: Seasons
  • discussion page Talk:Rusty Lake Paradise
    new comment by HeartfulKitty 4 days ago
    Comment: That may have been part of the reason, but based on what he said in Hotel it seems more like Mr. Owl was using them to collect their memories.
  • discussion page Talk:Fish
    new comment by A FANDOM user 5 days ago
    Comment: The fish of the theater can fly
  • discussion page Talk:Corrupted Souls
    new comment by Daawsomeone 6 days ago
    Comment: well you can also kill them with a pistol I think how does the pistol fit in
  • discussion page Talk:Pistol
    new comment by Daawsomeone
    Comment: so the only 2 things we ahve seen kill a corupted soul is a light and a pistol. why the pistol
  • edit Cube Escape: Paradox
    edited by Myriru diff
    Summary: I added some pics about the film
    Added photos:

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    Summary: Incompetech is Kevin Macleod's website, no real need to change the link.
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