Rusty Lake Theatre is the main location for Cube Escape: Theatre. Given its name, the Theatre is presumably located near Rusty Lake.

Theatre Cube Escape: TheatreEdit

The theatre features a stage, a bar, a piano, and a restroom. The player is supposed to interact with the stage in order to advance. The player can also mix drinks at the bar and serve them to Bob. There are pictures of a Corrupted Soul, the Forest, the Fish, Mr. Crow, the Woman, and a blank frame on its walls.

The PlaysEdit

  • "The Lady of The Lake", featuring Ms. Pheasant. The player must balance the substance of Ms. Pheasant's past lives.
  • "The Signs". The player has to arrange the four symbols to form a code.
  • "The Fish and The Parrot", featuring Harvey and the Fish. The player must arrange the pipes to feed the Fish a worm and allow it to fly away.
  • "An Intermezzo by Mr. Crow", featuring Mr. Crow. The player has to click the light bulbs that Mr. Crow is pointing to.
  • "Remember The Seasons", featuring the Woman. The player must insert the cubes into the frame and place the frames to the correct positions.
  • "The Mill", featuring Mr. Owl. The player has to arrange the Devanagari texts on the Mill according to the picture frames.

Soundtrack Soundtrack Edit

  • The music that plays in the theatre when no plays are running is "Main Theatre Theme".
  • The music used during the play "The Lady of the Lake" is "Pheasant Song".
  • The music used during the play "The Fish and The Parrot" is "Fish and Parrot".
  • The music used during the play "An Intermezzo by Mr. Crow" is "Crow Intermezzo".
  • The music used during the play "Remember the Seasons" is "Gymnopedie No. 3".

Trivia TriviaEdit

  • The theatre is first mentioned in Rusty Lake Hotel.
    • Mr. Rabbit was going to perform his magic show, "The Amazing Mr. Rabbit".
    • Ms. Pheasant was going to perform her play, "The Memories of the Lake".
  • A poster for the theatre is seen in Dale's house in Cube Escape: Birthday.
  • The location of the theatre is unknown in relation to Rusty Lake. This means that the theatre could be an actual place or a figment of Dale's mind; this is hinted at by Mr. Owl when he refers to the theatre as the "theatre of your mind."
    • The theatre may be located in the Rusty Lake Hotel.

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