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Rusty Lake Paradise is the twelfth game by Rusty Lake and the third premium game. It is set in the same Rusty Lake location as the Cube Escape games, but is not considered part of the series, instead being a stand-alone game with some connections.

The game takes place on an isolated island, located in the Rusty Lake area in the 18th century. The story is based around 10 plagues, thought to be a variation of the ten mythical plagues of Egypt, which curses the island and its inhabitants after the main character's mother mysteriously dies. The player must interact with their family members around the island and partake in many ominous rituals in order to stop the plagues.

The game is set to be released on January 11, 2018. 

CharactersCharacters Edit

  • Caroline Eilander (mother of protagonist, deceased)
  • The Goat
  • "Frog Girl"
  • "Father"
  • "Old Woman"
  • "Fisherman"
  • "Mosquito Man"

Locations Locations Edit

  • An isolated island ("Paradise")

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

Part 1 Edit

Area 1
Area 2

Part 2 Edit

Trivia TriviaEdit

  • The game has possible ties to the Rusty Lake Hotel based on the teaser trailer were all the residents of the island wear masks of all the guests in the hotel. It is possible that this game is an origin story of the Rusty Lake Hotel and it is even possible that the island this game is set on is the same island that the Rusty Lake Hotel will be built on in the future.

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