Prozac is a type of medication that has appeared in one Cube Escape game. It is used to treat mental illness.

Seasons Cube Escape: Seasons Edit

During the Spring, Summer, and Fall, there is a prescription for 10 mg of Prozac on the Woman's bulletin board. There is a pill buried in the candle on the fireplace mantle. When it has been used sufficiently, by being lit in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, the candle burns down to a stub, allowing the player to retrieve the pill in the Winter. The pill is placed into a blender with water and used to make Prozac juice, one of the four components needed to power the strange machine in the Room in the Winter.

Trivia Trivia Edit

  • In Cube Escape: The Mill, Prozac shows up in the Woman's negative memories.
  • Prozac is the brand name of Fluoxetine, a real-life drug used to treat depression, OCD, bulimia, and panic disorder. However, in real life, it was not invented until 1972.

Gallery Gallery Edit

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