Mary Vanderboom is a member of the Vanderboom clan, and the wife of James. She is also the mother of three children, Emma, Samuel, and Albert.

Rusty Lake Roots Rusty Lake: Roots Edit

In 1865, James invites Mary to his new house in Rusty Lake. The player can give her a rose, causing her nose to bleed when she smells it. After wiping her blood with James's handkerchief, he writes her a love note asking her to marry him. She accepts his proposal, but wants a ring to show their engagement. The player gives her a ring off of a disembodied hand, and she falls in love with James.

She becomes pregnant, and in 1867, she is ready to give birth to her babies. After the player feeds her a spoonful of birth potion, she delivers triplets Samuel, Emma, and Albert. She fills Samuel's baby bottle with her breast milk, but her other two babies are fed water and wine.

During 1895, when her son Samuel and Ida are married, she appears to be a part of their family wedding photo. Her grandson Leonard sits on her lap. Then in 1896, she plays a Lying Game with Albert, Samuel, and Ida. Each person holds three cards, and the player must guess which of their cards is a lie or the truth. As she only lied once, she is given the Chariot tarot card.

In 1904, she sits on her rocking chair as she listens to the Vanderboom family band, comprised of Samuel, Ida, Leonard, and Albert. However, after they finish their song, the room goes dark and becomes covered in blood. Albert, Ida, and Samuel have disappeared, and her grandson Leonard is cowering in the corner. Mary has mysteriously died while still sitting in her rocking chair. Her teeth are removed and placed into a jar on the side table, becoming the fourth sacrifice.

Trivia Trivia Edit

  • The tarot card associated with her is the Lovers, which refers to the name of the chapter she was introduced in, "Finding Love".
  • She is featured in the least amount of chapters in Rusty Lake: Roots, with 5 stages total. They are, chronologically speaking: "Finding Love", "Childbirth", "The Wedding Photo", "The Lying Game", and "The Family Band".
  • The clothes that she wears in her old age appear to be a modified version of those worn by her daughter Emma before Frank's disappearance.
  • It is unknown whether or not she was killed by Albert, or simply died of old age.

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