James Vanderboom is a member of the Vanderboom family, and he has inherited a house near Rusty Lake from his recently deceased uncle William. He is the father of three children.

Rusty Lake Roots Rusty Lake: Roots Edit

In 1860, James travels to Rusty Lake and moves into his new house, bringing only his suitcase and his Dog. He carries a note in his pocket, explaining that his uncle left him a very special seed, and that he must plant it and start his own family. The player must help him plant the seed, open the door to his new house, and then ignite the fireplace inside. With the fire burning, he falls asleep dreaming of a young woman, Mary.

James finally brings Mary to his home in 1865. Sitting together with her on a bench, he writes Mary a love note asking her to marry him. She accepts his proposal, and the player must find a ring for her to solidify their engagement. She and James have three children together two years later, named Emma, Samuel and Albert.

During the year of 1870, he discovers his uncle's journal detailing notes about an elixir. The player must help him solve the puzzles on his bookcase, causing it to move to the side revealing a secret staircase. Following the spiral staircase down, he finds his uncle's alchemy laboratory. He attempts to recreate the Elixir that his uncle described in his journal, which would provide him with immortality. However, upon drinking it, he collapses, dead. At his wake, the player must cut his tongue out with a knife and place it in a jar, becoming the second sacrifice.

Trivia TriviaEdit

  • In the teaser trailer for Rusty Lake: Roots, his name is mislabelled as William on the family tree.
  • At his wake, the player needs to place two coins on his eyes. This is an old tradition, as the coins are meant to pay the ferryman to take the deceased to the land of the dead.
  • In the chapter "The Graveyard" in 1932, his upper left arm bone is taken from his grave.

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