Robert 'Bob' Hill is a minor character in the Cube Escape series. He has appeared in two games so far. Very little about his character is known, only that he has some relationship with Laura Vanderboom.

Case 23 Cube Escape: Case 23Edit

He is seen outside of the window in Dale Vandermeer's office in 1972. Hunched over and in handcuffs, he is under the watch of a Policeman. This implies that the police may have him down a suspect for the woman's death. After the player inputs the code 247 into the television to the right of the window, he appears on the screen, corrupted.

When Dale returns to the window, Bob will be missing from the handcuffs, with the Policeman hanging from the neck. Bob's Soul will then rush at the window, causing it to shatter. After this he will fade away, leaving a black cube.

Theatre Cube Escape: TheatreEdit

He sits on the lone stool at the bar in 1971. He has no interest in chatting with Dale, only taking the drinks that he is served. In his jacket pocket, he keeps a postcard from the Woman. This letter reveals that they had some sort of past relationship that did not work out, and that perhaps they will meet in another life.

During the fifth play "Remember the Seasons", the Woman appears with five empty picture frames. Dale must serve him a Bloody Mary, causing him to shoot himself in the head with his pistol. This allows Dale to enter his mind and collect four white cubes and one black cube to place on the frames. The black cube, when placed on the frame, shows the Woman's face. When touched her throat is slit and she collapses, dead.

Once the play is finished, Bob disappears to the bathroom. If Dale attempts to interact with him there, he turns corrupted and locks the door. Back at the empty bar, the player can check the coasters left on the counter. On the middle coaster Bob has written, "I feel dead inside, why did you take my memory?". Once Dale finishes the final play and enters the elevator, Bob's Soul comes out towards him. He watches silently as the elevator continues upwards.

Trivia TriviaEdit

  • He is voiced by Bob Rafferty.
  • When he is served drinks in Cube Escape: Theatre, he performs these actions:
    • Screwdriver Cocktail - He produces an actual screwdriver from his mouth.
    • Harvey Wallbanger - He bashes his head against the bar.
    • Bloody Mary - He shoots himself in the head.
  • If given a Gin Tonic, Bob will leave two more messages on the coasters. On the left coaster, "Thanks for the gin tonic!" is written, and on the right, "Play B-A-D-E-G-G on the piano".
  • After he shoots himself, the old barman will comment, "Women, can't live with them, can't live without them". This further implies that he had a relationship with the Woman.
  • He'll say various things when the player tries to talk to him, depending on how many drinks he has been served:
    • Before being given anything, he'll say, "Leave me alone, I just want a drink."
    • After being given a Screwdriver Cocktail, he'll say, "What do you want, detective?"
    • After being given a Harvey Wallbanger, he'll say, "I don't remember what happened."
    • After being given a Bloody Mary, he'll say, "It's all my fault."
    • If the player serves him a drink that he was given before, he'll say, "I already had this cocktail".
  • In Cube Escape: Paradox, it is revealed he was born in the Summer of 1931. He is the apparent author of the book "False Accusations", suggesting he was accused of the Woman's murder.

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