Following an update on 9th July 2017, the Steam version of Rusty Lake: Roots has 16 unlockable achievements to earn through gameplay. Many are unlocked through a normal play of the game, though some are hidden Easter Eggs and require extra effort to be found.

Upon release of the Steam version of Rusty Lake Paradise, there are 50 unlockable achievements to earn through gameplay. Half are unlocked during normal play; the rest are only found with extra effort.

Rusty Lake Hotel has "stars", which are similar to achievements. Those are covered on the game page.

The Kongregate-hosted versions of the Cube Escape series also have achievements in the form of 'badges', though these are created by Kongregate staff and not Rusty Lake themselves.

Eye spoiler Spoiler Alert!
This page contains spoilers for Rusty Lake: Roots, Rusty Lake Paradise. If you wish to unlock all achievements by yourself, do not read further.

Rusty Lake: RootsEdit

Image Achievement Unlocked in How to earn
Achievment plant a tree
Plant a Tree
The Vanderboom family tree
The Tree Plant the special seed.
Missable: No.
Achievment the nipple
The Nipple
The Uncle Enter William's nipple.
Missable: No.
Achievment triplets
Difficult delivery
Childbirth Deliver Mary's children.
Missable: No.
Achievment the elixir
The Elixir
The elixir of life and death
The Elixir Rediscover the formula for the Elixir.
Missable: No.
Achievment the moon mask
The Moon Mask
To the Moon and Back
Masks Find Albert's Moon Mask.
Missable: No.
Achievment the eye
The Eye
An eye for an eye
Voodoo Extract Samuel and Ida's eyes.
Missable: No.
Achievment the cup
The Cup
A refreshing drink
The Well Pt. 2 Prepare a cup of "liquid".
Missable: No.
Achievment the date
The Date
The day he was born
The Stars Make Harvey leave, then close the window.
Missable: Yes.
Achievment rebirth
The circle of life
Roots Resurrect William into a new body.
Missable: No.
Achievment the dress
The Dress
A familiar dress
The Last Dance Give Rose her new dress.
Missable: No.
Achievment the last emblem
The Last Emblem
Back to your roots
Post-game Find all nine gold emblems.
Missable: No.
Achievment laura
She will return to the lake
Communication Write CUBEESCAPE on the Ouija board.
Missable: Yes.
Achievment black cube
Black Cube
Dark memories
Final Level Use alchemy to create a black cube.
Missable: Yes.
Achievment white cube
White Cube
Light memories
Final Level Use alchemy to create a white cube.
Missable: Yes.
Achievment rusty lake cocktail
Rusty Lake Cocktail
You look like you can use a drink
Final Level Use alchemy to create a cocktail.
Missable: Yes.
Achievment the crow
The Crow
The crow and his brother
Final Level Give Mr. Crow the special seed.
Missable: No.

Rusty Lake ParadiseEdit

Image Achievement Unlocked in How to earn
Welcome to Paradise
Water Turns Into Blood - 1
Water Turns Into Blood Open the front gate.
Missable: No.
The Eilander Family
Water Turns Into Blood - 2
Water Turns Into Blood Click on the family photo in the house, and then on "yourself", Jakob.
Missable: Yes.
Save The Goat
Water Turns Into Blood - 3
Water Turns Into Blood Use the machete on the goat.
Missable: Yes.
It's Me!
Water Turns Into Blood - 4
Water Turns Into Blood Look into the well at the temple to see your reflection.
Missable: Yes.
The First Symbol
Water Turns Into Blood - 5
Water Turns Into Blood Click on the symbol in the coffin before taking the black cube.
Missable: Yes.
The First Frog
Frogs - 1
Frogs Solve the frog puzzle at the front gate.
Missable: No.
A Rusty Key
Frogs - 2
Frogs Get the key from Gerard.
Missable: No.
I Only Play Guitar
Frogs - 3
Frogs Give the frog flute to David.
Missable: Yes.
Reflections In The Water
Frogs - 4
Frogs After solving the frog eggs puzzle, click on the water multiple times.
Missable: Yes.
The Second Symbol
Frogs - 5
Frogs After solving the frog flute puzzle, look into Elizabeth's eye.
Missable: Yes.
Spitting Larva
Gnats & Lice- 1
Gnats & Lice Give David the honey, birch sap and berries.
Missable: No.
Gnats & Lice- 2
Gnats & Lice Give Gerard a haircut.
Missable: No.
The Butterfly
Gnats & Lice- 3
Gnats & Lice Hatch the cocoon on the birch tree.
Missable: Yes.
Gnats & Lice- 4
Gnats & Lice Put the orange flowers on the windowsill at the temple.
Missable: Yes.
The Third Symbol
Gnats & Lice- 5
Gnats & Lice Use the axe on the log until it splits.
Missable: Yes.
First Flight
Flies - 1
Flies Hatch David.
Missable: No.
A Bloody Encounter
Flies - 2
Flies Get David to Nicholas.
Missable: No.
The Hungry Ghost
Flies - 3
Flies Click on the right window in the temple.
Missable: Yes.
Watch Closely!
Flies - 4
Flies Click on the rabbit hole after the rabbit dies.
Missable: Yes.
The Fourth Symbol
Flies - 5
Flies Open the flap at the back of the book.
Missable: Yes.
Holy Cow
Diseased Livestock - 1
Diseased Livestock Click on the cow's head three times.
Missable: Yes.
Perfect Rusty Lake Burger
Diseased Livestock - 2
Diseased Livestock Make the Perfect Rusty Lake Burger.
Missable: Yes.
Wild Boar
Diseased Livestock - 3
Diseased Livestock Find the Boar in the woods twice.
Missable: Yes.
Dutch Gouda Cheese
Diseased Livestock - 4
Diseased Livestock Remove Nicholas' wrapping and give him the cheese.
Missable: Yes.
The Fifth Symbol
Diseased Livestock - 5
Diseased Livestock Click on the symbol down the hole.
Missable: Yes.
Meet the Plague Doctor
Boils - 1
Boils Open the left hatch on the front gate.
Missable: Yes.
Time Is Ticking
Boils - 2
Boils Replace Gerard's heart.
Missable: No.
Boils - 3
Boils Make Margaret smell the blood.
Missable: Yes.
Touch The...
Boils - 4
Boils Click on Gerard's right nipple.
Missable: Yes.
The Sixth Symbol
Boils - 5
Boils Move the leaves by the plague doctor.
Missable: Yes.
Two Ice Creams!
Hail - 1
Hail Give Gerard his ice cream.
Missable: No.
Let It Snow!
Hail - 2
Hail Find Margaret in the snowman.
Missable: No.
The Hand
Hail - 3
Hail Break the ice in the well with the hammer.
Missable: Yes.
From The Deep
Hail - 4
Hail Click on the fish in the ice.
Missable: Yes.
The Seventh Symbol
Hail - 5
Hail Click on the rock after destroying the temple.
Missable: Yes.
Here's Jakob!
Locusts - 1
Locusts Use the axe on the front gate.
Missable: No.
Locust Egg
Locusts - 2
Locusts Hatch the praying mantis.
Missable: No.
Follow Me
Locusts - 3
Locusts Find the Corrupted Soul six times.
Missable: Yes.
The Butterfly Effect
Locusts - 4
Locusts Find the butterfly four times.
Missable: Yes.
The Eighth Symbol
Locusts - 5
Locusts Click on the three white circles in the left eye.
Missable: Yes.
Your Mother's Bones
Darkness - 1
Darkness Open the box by the temple.
Missable: No.
Bloody Moon
Darkness - 2
Darkness Make the moon bleed.
Missable: No.
The Owls Are Not What They Seem
Darkness - 3
Darkness Click on the owl when it flies away.
Missable: Yes.
Mr. Crow
Darkness - 4
Darkness Get the crow's egg from the box and use it on the bonfire.
Missable: Yes.
The Ninth Symbol
Darkness - 5
Darkness Open the last hatch on the zodiac clock.
Missable: Yes.
Glorious Day Of The Lake
Death of the Firstborn - 1
Death of the Firstborn Talk to Nicholas.
Missable: No.
Fried Egg
Death of the Firstborn - 2
Death of the Firstborn Cook the egg on the frying pan.
Missable: No.
The Owl Mask
Death of the Firstborn - 3
Death of the Firstborn After getting the black cube, use the brush on the statue to unlock a puzzle.
Missable: Yes.
Paradise Will Rise Again!
Death of the Firstborn - 4
Death of the Firstborn Give the Corrupted Soul the owl mask.
Missable: Yes.
The Tenth Symbol
Death of the Firstborn - 5
Death of the Firstborn Hit David's arm with the arrow and rip off the sleeve.
Missable: Yes.