Following an update on 9th July 2017, the Steam version of Rusty Lake: Roots has 16 unlockable achievements to earn through gameplay. Many are unlocked through a normal play of the game, though some are hidden Easter Eggs and require extra effort to be found.

The Kongregate hosted versions of the Cube Escape series also have achievements in the form of 'badges', though these are created by Kongregate staff and not Rusty Lake themselves.

Warning: This page contains spoilers for Rusty Lake: Roots. If you wish to unlock all achievements by yourself, do not read further.

Image Achievement Unlocked In How to earn
Achievment plant a tree
Plant a Tree
The Vanderboom family tree
The Tree Plant the special seed.
Missable: No
Achievment the nipple
The Nipple
The Uncle Enter William Vanderboom's nipple.
Missable: No.
Achievment triplets
Difficult delivery
Childbirth Deliver Mary Vanderboom's children.
Missable: No.
Achievment the elixir
The Elixir
The elixir of life and death
The Elixir Rediscover the formula for the Elixir .
Missable: No.
Achievment the moon mask
The Moon Mask
To the Moon and Back
Masks Find Albert Vanderboom's Moon Mask .
Missable: No.
Achievment the eye
The Eye
An eye for an eye
Voodoo Extract Samuel and Ida Vanderboom's eyes .
Missable: No.
Achievment the cup
The Cup
A refreshing drink
The Well Pt. 2 Prepare a cup of 'liquid'
Missable: No.
Achievment the date
The Date
The day he was born
The Stars Make Harvey leave, then close the window.
Missable: Yes.
Achievment rebirth
The circle of life
Roots Resurrect William into a new body .
Missable: No.
Achievment the dress
The Dress
A familiar dress
The Last Dance Give Rose Vanderboom her new dress.
Missable: No.
Achievment the last emblem
The Last Emblem
Back to your roots
Post-game Fine all nine gold emblems.
Missable: No.
Achievment laura
She will return to the lake
Communication Write CUBEESCAPE on the Ouija board.
Missable: Yes.
Achievment black cube
Black Cube
Dark memories
Final Level Use alchemy to create a Black Cube .
Missable: Yes.
Achievment white cube
White Cube
Light memories
Final Level Use alchemy to create a White Cube.
Missable: Yes.
Achievment rusty lake cocktail
Rusty Lake Cocktail
You look like you can use a drink
Final Level Use alchemy to create a Cocktail.
Missable: Yes.
Achievment the crow
The Crow
The crow and his brother
Final Level Give Mr. Crow the special seed.
Missable: No.

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